Five Island Art Gallery, Tors Cove, Newfoundland



Haunted Hulls and Rusted Cannons

Tors Cove by Terri LeonardThe community is nestled in a bowl-like setting that serves as an introduction to European settlement dating back to the fifteenth century.

First it was the Portuguese and the Spanish. Then came the English and the Irish. The coastline also saw French, American, Dutch and English warships vie for possession of its valuable cod fishery, leaving behind the haunted hulls and rusted cannons of many a mortal encounter.

Still a Haven for Adventurers

Photograph by Bill CoultasToday Tors Cove attracts a milder form of adventurer. Along with campers, sailors and hikers, international and national artists have also felt its magnetic pull.

Tors Cove history, landscape and casual lifestyle lends itself to a creative milieu that is hard to find in the modern world.


On the Irish Loop

Tors Cove is on the Irish Loop on the southern shore of the Avalon Peninsula.  A 40 km drive from St. John's, following Route 10 through communities such as Killbride, the Goulds, Bay Bulls, Cape Broyle and Ferryland brings you to Tors Cove.

Tors Cove by Terri Leonard

Whether you are planning to visit the Irish Loop for a whale watching trip in Bay Bulls, kayaking in Cape Broyle, a visit to the archaelogical digs at the Colony of Avalon in Ferryland or a delightful picnic at Lighthouse Picnics, Five Island Art Gallery is on the same route and we are waiting for your visit.

On the other hand, if our art gallery is your destination, there are clearly many other things to do in our region. And don't forget your camera.... you are going to need it along the way!